Praxis für Psychotherapie


Do you need counselling or therapy as a couple, marriage counselling, sexual counselling or therapy, family advice or child guidance, life style counselling , crisis counselling or advice after a separation? These points often appear together and present among others as:

  • Partnership crises.
  • Inability to talk to one another in a relationship.
  • When the partner only wants to argue.
  • When your daily relationship is threatening to suffocate you.
  • When your ideas on running the household do not match those of your partner.
  • When financial planning leads to continuous conflict in the relationship.
  • When the love in the relationship is fading.
  • By questions and problems of a sexual nature.
  • By differences in sexual requirements within the relationship/marriage.
  • By lack of interest in one of the partners.
  • By infidelity of one partner.
  • When you are just parents and no longer a couple.
  • When you feel you have been left alone to dela with upbringing and care of the children.
  • When you are not agreement in questions regarding upbringing of the children.
  • In threatened separation or divorce.
  • When you having to cope with a separation.